Dermio Care

Cazuri rezolvate cu Dermio


Dr. Lee verifies that ions strongly support a drug-based cancer therapy and the positive results have increased greatly. The ions activate the production of NK cells. These cells are primarily responsible for a positive healing progress as they are reproduced by the body as „new healthy cells“ and thus oppose the cancer as killer cells.
The study also verifies that tumour growth was decreased and the frequency of metastasis formation was reduced.
So ions do not only have a positive effect on external appearance but also on the promotion of human health.
The only available therapy device world-wide is the DERMIO CARE® from Weyergans.

Download this pdf to see test results Cazuri rezolvate cu Dermio

Fair Medica

Interview at the fair Medica

Interview at innovation fair for medical technology – the MEDICA in Dusseldorf !

WEYERGANS high care® MEDICAL provides the unique IVT devices VACUMED ANS and VACUMED SL , and so pushes on outstanding response from trade visitors !

On the picture you see the company’s founder and development director Rudolf Weyergans in an interview about new , effective methods of medical technology.

Weyergans- behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Weyergans High Care AG Supervisory Board Meeting. Gut Boisdorf, Dueren, October 31st,2014. The Supervisory Board of Weyergans High Care AG meets twice a year. This year was dedicated to the election of the new Board. CFO and Head of Operations is Dipl. Kaufmann Burkhard Schumann (right); Chairman of the Board and Head of Marketing, Sales, Research and Development is Rudolf Weyergans (left). Center: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Janssen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Dipl. Ing. Heinz-Werner Herkens (center left) and lawyer Henric-M. Templaars (center right) as members of the Supervisory Board. The company is very optimistic about the positive development of the brand High Care Cosmetics; the excellent performance of the products gets word and finds more and more buyers every day. In Germany our products are available in 990 beauty salons; worldwide in 51 countries.