Behind the scenes

Weyergans- behind the scenes

Weyergans High Care AG Supervisory Board Meeting. Gut Boisdorf, Dueren, October 31st,2014. The Supervisory Board of Weyergans High Care AG meets twice a year. This year was dedicated to the election of the new Board. CFO and Head of Operations is Dipl. Kaufmann Burkhard Schumann (right); Chairman of the Board and Head of Marketing, Sales, Research and Development is Rudolf Weyergans (left). Center: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Janssen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Dipl. Ing. Heinz-Werner Herkens (center left) and lawyer Henric-M. Templaars (center right) as members of the Supervisory Board. The company is very optimistic about the positive development of the brand High Care Cosmetics; the excellent performance of the products gets word and finds more and more buyers every day. In Germany our products are available in 990 beauty salons; worldwide in 51 countries.

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