Istorie Weyergans

The best ideas are born at the students crackerbarrel!

At least this was the case of Rudolf Weyergans who in the 80ies, during his study of sociology at the RWTH Aachen, lay the foundation of his today’s company ‘Weyergans High Care AG’. At this time, together with physicians and lymphologists, he developed a unique mechanic lymphatic drainage – now known as „Slide Styler®„. Shortly afterwards, he and his wife – Dipl. Biologist Dr. Käthe Kreft-Weyergans – came up with an innovative product for self-drainage, the Styler Cream. The first product of a long and successful series.

From the beginning on, Weyergans was interested in the treatment of weak connective tissue. He was the first to explain cellulite as a local disturbance of lymphatic circulation. 1985, Weyergans was recognized as one of the main speakers of the 40th international CIDESCO congress in Vienna where he held a speech about ‘cellulite – an illness not yet recognized as one’. Later, his basic idea of a differentiated cellulite treatment was patented. 1989, the results of his divers research projects – e.g. with the Max-Planck-Institute in Goettingen – were published in his book ‚actively against cellulite‘. Until today, this work was translated into more than 12 languages.

1991, the medical company was re-named into „High Care Cosmetics GmbH”. In the mid 80ies, the company’s headquarter moved from Aachen to beautiful Gut Boisdorf in Dueren, Rhineland.

Innovations & Patents

Numerous innovations and patents for cosmetic and medical devices or products followed in the next years. They all had one goal: Health and beauty from in- and outside. More studies on the subject of cellulite and weak veins as well as his co-work as an expert at „Stiftung Warentest” made Rudolf Weyergans known as the ‘pope of cellulite’.

Gradually, Gut Boisdorf evolved into a creative place to work. The unique care series ‘Timeless’ – based on valuable mistletoe extract – as well as the revolutionary low pressure treatment (today known as Intermittent Vacuum Therapy – IVT) were developed.
1999, Weyergans united his two companies into the ‚Weyergans High Care AG‘. Today, the high care® brand is represented in more than 40 countries of the world. Many high care® centers in Hungary, Latvia or China profit from the holistic approach of Weyergans.

Rudolf Weyergans:

„When it comes to cellulite, anti-aging or prevention of illness, I don’t believe in black magic. I believe that each phenomenon in its single parts, causes and effects can be explained. Only then, we can give answers. This holism is what we live each day – since 30 years. Also, it is represented by our brand ‚high care®‘,- namely effectiveness, evidence and sustainability.”

This is what makes Weyergans unique:

“30 years of competence, professional skills, the urge of innovations and of being-the first-to-know.”

And this is also true for this anniversary years when high care® cosmetics shows its new face. Be curious of the future innovations of Rudolf Weyergans and his team. Since one thing is clear: Even if the discussions have moved from a student’s crackerbarrel into a wine cellar at Gut Boisdorf – they are still held as dedicated as 30 years before.